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 WE ARE PROUD of the beautiful art and delicious foods that are of Mexican origin. 

 In researching the embroidery of the Otomi, we were surprised to find a lack of information available on this traditional art form; This inspired us to create a new series:
The Brief History Series!


  The embroidery style of the Mexican indigenous Otomi people is called “Tenango,” it was born  in the 1960s,  as a simplified version of the original embroidery, started long before the arrival of the Spanish. It’s been described as a “modern codex”, illustrated stories and histories in the colorful imagery just as it was once done on amate paper books. 

 Tenangos are done by the skilled hands of the Otomi of Hidalgo, Mexico.

 Properly the Hñuhñu, they created modern Tenango in response to an economic crisis in the 1960s, demonstrating their creativity and resiliency that exists today. Continuing to speak their language and practice their customs where some would rather only see their embroidery, the Hñuhñu are an inspiration for all of us.

 tenango otomi la monarca bakery mexican art and history


An important note: These posts are intended as homages to Mexico’s immense cultural history, with the hope that you, the reader, will be reminded of the breathtaking Otomi Tenango, its history, and its people. When buying anything of indigenous origin, buy direct or from a trustworthy source.


  Here is an example of the work:  

tenango otomi embroidery

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