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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Need gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Check out the great options we have in-store and online! 
La Monarca Mother's Day "I Love You Mom" Gift Set!
Gift your Mamá $50 worth of Mexican HEAVEN for only $35 with our gift card sale!  Graphic is available in Spanish and English. <3 
Cake Lover Mother's Day Gift!
We redesigned our Strawberry Shortcake for Mother’s Day! The top now is covered in rosettes and looks like a delicious bouquet. Pre-order this cake online or find it in-store! 
Strawberry Shortcake from 32.00
Coffee Lover Mother's Day Gift Set!
Most Mom’s LOVE cafecito, ours happens to be ORGANIC and from Oaxaca, Mexico! We source our coffee beans from a single-origin and roast them in Los Angeles. Find the bags in store in our hand-made gift bags or online, here!
Check out our CUSTOM printed greeting cards for Mom! These are available for purchase at all locations!