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Cafe de Olla Single Serve Steep Bags 10-Count

La Monarca Bakery's Signature Cafe de Olla now as a singe-serve steep bag! This is an eco-friendly alternative to a plastic brew cup! Enjoy the convenience and flavor of our revolutionary Cafe de Olla Single-Serve Steep Bag! 

Our Cafe de Olla is made with real coffee, cinnamon & brown sugar. We use simple, all-natural ingredients, with no artificial flavors or preservatives, to make a flavorful & aromatic Cafe de Olla with The Sweet Flavor of Mexico™.

1% of the purchase of this product goes to protect and preserve the Monarch Butterfly Habitat in Mexico.

 LA Magazine's Best Cafe de Olla in Los Angeles 


Gricel Lalicker, Facebook, July 17, 2020

 "I used the nestle version for years. I received my first bag from La Monarca, 2 weeks ago and I am hooked. The canela flavor tastes natural. Nestle is strong with a fake canela taste. I highly recommend La Monarca. You will not be disappointed!"



"A pre-packaged Cafe de Olla was pretty hard to find until La Monarca Bakery released this delicious product made with single origin organic beans, Mexican cinnamon and brown sugar," Forbes.com