La Monarca X East LA Women's Center!

La Monarca X East LA Women's Center!


We are partnered with East Los Angeles Women's Center 

to provide coffee, cookies and mugs to to their staff and guests. We want to support

their mission by providing items that promote self-care, a necessary step in recovery. 



"Keep taking time for yourself until
you are you again."

- Lalah Delia

We believe in the importance of self-care, not only for healing but as

maintenance for the stressors of everyday life. We Support East LA Women's Center

in their effort to share the value of moments to practice self-care for our

community by offering the gift of a quiet cup of cafecito y galletitas to their

clients and staff this holiday season. 

️ We have partnered with East LA Women's Center to help spread

awareness to our communities about the necessity of self care-through

the symbol of a Cafecito Break; something seemingly small, but with the potential

to create positive change. Join us in taking time to pause from the stress of the holiday season, take a break with a warm mug of coffee and listen to what your heart 

️ needs to feel full this season and in the new decade.