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La Monarca's Halloween Treats!


halloween cupcakes and treats


Don’t get scared! They’re just your favorite bolitas in their halloween costumes! Each one his hand-decorated and completely unique, perfect for the Halloween spirit, you can order them here: BOO!

Halloween cupcakes

halloween treats la monarca bakery los angneles

Just like the boo-liltas but mini! Trick-or-treat the family with a cupcake of your choice or treat yo’self to one of each and your favorite cafecito. You can get these cupcakes delivered in Los Angeles, click this link: ordermonarca.com

Jack-o-Lantern Cake

halloween cakes los angeles

Want a carved pumpkin without the mess? How about one you can eat? Sounds like you and our jack-o-lantern pumpkin are a scary good match. Order in advance, here 


The calavera cake is for la gente que está más excited for Dia de Muertos over regular ol’Halloween! It’s the only cake you can match your make-up with or the perfect Instagram selfie. Order Here!


pumpkin conchas and danishes la monarca bakery los angeles

We’re over pumpkin spice lattes, aren’t you? Basic. But a pumpkin spice concha…now we’re talking.


’Tis the season for coffee and a warm, pumpkin danish in the morning. You can almost smell the cinnamon in the air int hat chilly autumn breeze. 


If you’re all about Halloween like we are, then you won’t hesitate to match your conches with your holidays!