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Oaxaca to LA - Our Coffee!

Deep in the heart of Oaxaca, Mexico, a farmer picks bright red berries off a branch of Coffea Arabica – the coffee plant – in the same way his family has done for generations. That’s where our coffee’s story begins, Single-Origin and Organic, the way coffee is supposed to be.
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But how does coffee turn from a red berry to a deep, rich,
cup of cafe de olla? 
Years of experience, science, and most importantly, corazon. It’s a deep connection to nuestro pais, amor por nuestra tierra, that gives our coffee its final touch. 
Follow the phases of our coffee process to find out! 



ORIGIN - The fresh, raw “green” coffee delivered from Oaxaca, MX and is loaded into the roaster in Los Angeles. 


 HEAT-  High heat is applied to the green coffee beans, the color will gradually shift from green to yellow. 


 FLAVOR - Precursors to tastes and aromas that will develop at higher temperatures are developed and the internal moisture, pressure and temperature are carefully controlled. 


FIRST CRACK - Internal pressure drops as gases inside the bean are allowed to escape, (first crack) resulting in a bean with an ideal internal temperature, pressure and moisture for flavor to development


SUGARS & AMINO ACIDS  in the coffee react at a rapid pace to create the final flavor of the coffee.

  • The flavor of coffee roasted to a “medium roast” degree is derived from caramelization of sugars and the reaction of sugars and amino acids in the “maillard reaction” – very similar to the flavors developed through the browning of meat on a grill

AIR ROASTING - Each coffee has a precise final temperature and time of roasting, both developed through a mixture of intuition and experimentation on the part of the roasting team. The Oaxaca Reserve from La Monarca Bakery is a dark roast coffee, roasted longer and with lower caffeine content than light and medium roasts. Though most dark roasts are characterized by bold and bitter flavor, our roast is full-bodied with notes of chocolate and stone fruit. 

  COFFEES ROASTED to temperatures above 395F are considered to be dark roasts.  At these temperatures the aromas and tastes developed during the initial stages are combusted and new aromas that are toasty, smoky and spicy develop. The Oaxaca Reserve flavor profile is rounder than most dark roasts, with the bold flavors being balanced by those of chocolate and stone fruit