Chocolate Lovers Gift Box


Mmm..mmm chocolate. Here’s a great gift set for all the chocolate lovers in your life. (And yes, you are allowed to buy this one for yourself!)

Chocolate Lovers Box Includes:

  • Chocolate Mexicano (8 oz tin) – Our Mexican Hot Chocolate is made with Organic Cacao beans, which we grind in-house with our custom blend of sugar & spices.

  • Champurrado (8 oz tin) –  We start by sourcing Organic Cacao nibs and grind them in-house with our signature blend of spices and sugar to create this Champurrado. Frothy and rich, all-natural and preservative free. 

    Directions: Mix 1 tbsp. Champurrado per 6 oz. of milk or water 

  • Molinillo – Handmade in Michoacán, Mexico, supporting local artisans.
Simple Ingredients

Simple Ingredients