Mexican Chocolate Dunk Set


We start with fair-trade cacao, grind in-house and blend into our exclusive-recipe. Find out WHY this unique product was featured in the LA Times piece - "The 4 Places in LA to Find Great Mexican Hot Chocolate." 

Directions: Mix 1 tbsp. Mexican Hot Chocolate per 6 oz. of milk or water 

"The 4 Places in LA to Find Great Mexican Hot Chocolate"

 "The Mexican hot chocolate here pairs deliciously with hojarascas — little Mexican cinnamon cookies with the texture of sablés. Dunk these in the decadent, frothy, cinnamon-flavored chocolate for a unique bite that you won’t find anywhere else in town..."
- Amy Scattergood, LA Times

"The Mexican hot chocolate and mocha have just the right amount of spice and sweetness.."- Trip Advisor 

Mexican Chocolate Dunk set includes: 

  • Chocolate Mexicano (8 oz tin) – Our Mexican Hot Chocolate is made with Organic Cacao beans, which we grind in-house with our custom blend of sugar & spices.
  • Cinnamon Cookies (7 oz pack)  – Traditional from northern Mexico, our delicious cinnamon shortbread cookies are dusted with a cinnamon & sugar blend
  • Molinillo – Handmade in Michoacan, Mexico, supporting local artisans.
Simple Ingredients

Simple Ingredients