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What is a "love language" and how can it help us with our relationships? Luckily, when we say "relationships" we mean all kinds! Entre tus mejores amigos, tu familia, even with yourself. Understanding a person's "love language" is an exercise in empathy – trying to understand how they feel and see the world. 


Does your partner struggle with heavy responsibilities? Maybe they're just overwhelmed or simply, they appreciate a helping hand. Acts of service involve anything you do to make your partner's life easier. You can help with chores, or make breakfast for them. You can help them schedule their day or simply make them a coffee to start the day. It doesn't have to be extravagant! 


Maybe the most obvious on the list, but it's important to understand what a gift symbolizes for those who identify with this love language! Receiving a thoughtful gift, no matter the size or expense, means you put thought into them ahead of time. That effort you put into picking a gift and giving it to them is what matters most. 


It can be as simple as a hug or as subtle as a hand around the shoulder. Those who thrive on physical touch appreciate the safety and security you bring them. They must feel comfortable enough to let you into their space. It's an act of trust, of calming energy, and of healing for many.


Making dinner, watching TV, going on a date, or simply hanging out and enjoying a cafecito together – the core of this love language is communication. Dedicating time together, making plans,, enjoying each other's company is sometimes all someone needs. They just want to know you're there with them and for them.


Sometimes all it takes is a handwritten note, or the words "I appreciate you". Those who speak this love language will appreciate being spoken to in a loving and affirmative way. Shows of affections are nice, but saying it clear as day means there is no room for misinterpretation. "Te quiero", "you're my best friend", etc is exactly what you mean.  


Which love languages do you identify with? Let us know on instagram! We'd love to see how you and your partner or your friends or family benefit from a cafecito together, or a custom note on a gift box! <3