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How YOU can help the Monarch Butterflies

How YOU can help the Monarch Butterflies

As iconic as they are culturally significant, the monarch butterfly has been officially listed as an endangered species by The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Monarchs are one of the most famous and recognizable animals on earth, famous for their bright orange-and-black pattern and enormous over-wintering sites in Michoacán, Mexico. What was once an annual spectacle may disappear within our lifetimes. 

The leading causes of their decline? Deforestation of their habitat, the use of pesticides, and climate change. 

So, what can we do to help? 

How to Help the Monarch Butterfly

1. Avoid using pesticides in your home gardens 

There are many alternatives you can use in home gardening that are beneficial to the environment – more than just for the monarchs! Check out this list for a full list of pesticide alternatives to keep you, your garden, and the monarchs healthy and happy! 

2. Plant Native Milkweed Seeds at home!

Monarch caterpillars can only eat milkweeds, a common wildflower that is normally considered an unwanted weed. The flowers can be striking and luckily, they're easy to grow at home! Planting a milkweed butterfly garden will help monarchs regain lost habitat, just be sure to plant the species that are native to your area! 

3. Buy FSC-Certified Wood

The monarchs are famous for their mass migrations, painting entire forests in Michoacán, Mexico orange. Unfortunately, these same forests are also popular with illegal and unregulated logging, which makes its way to the US. Buying FSC wood ensures that the butterfly forests remain unharmed. 

4. Support Businesses & Organizations Working to Save the Monarchs 

Our non-profit partner, EcoLife Conservation, works in these oyamel forests to help local populations protect the forest they reside in. Check out how a home stove can help save the butterfly forests!

La Monarca Bakery's namesake isn't by accident, 1% of all La Monarca Bakery proceeds are donated to EcoLife to help in their efforts! 

Check out Save Our Monarchs and Monarch Watch as well!