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Chocolates, flowers, maybe a card? There's only so many ways to say te quiero mucho, amá. Luckily, this year will be different! What Mexican family doesn't like fresh Café de Olla with a side of guayaba toast for breakfast? Or a sweet, indulgent cup of Chocolate Mexicano in the evening? 

Treat mamá right this year – we've got your list already made!

1. Café de Olla

The drink of choice for any Mexican household. This isn't your average processed coffee covered in artificial flavor, no. This is La Monarca Café de Olla. Locally-roasted coffee, real cinnamon, and brown sugar included. Brew like normal, serve hot or iced. The perfect start to her special day (or yours!)


La Monarca Bakery Guayaba Guava Marmalade

2. Guayaba Marmalade & Multiflora Honey

Speaking of starting the day off right, how about a deliciously simple breakfast in bed? Picture this, freshly toasted bread with a layer of guayaba marmalade from Aguascalientes, Mexico. Next to that, a bowl of chopped fruit or granola drizzled with multiflora honey harvested from Veracruz. Steaming cup of Café de Olla and Los Panchos playing in the background. 


La Monarca Bakery Agave & Coconut Granola

3. Agave & Coconut Granola

We're not done with breakfast quite yet! Granola is one of those things you can dress up or down, snack on at work, or treat yourself to an entire parfait. Why not add a little culture to that granola? Coconut, Agave, Golden Raisins, topped with a drizzle of the multiflora honey. A dollop of Greek yogurt to really show you care.


Chocolate Mexicano Pancakes

4. Chocolate Mexicano

Calling all chocolate-lovers out there! Think of a treat more ancient and more universally loved than chocolate. A staple of Mexico, a cup of Chocolate Mexicano is the ultimate treat for Mother's Day. But what if you got creative? Hot chocolate one one side, and Chocolate Mexicano mix sprinkled over some strawberries? Or maybe you make some Chocolate Mexicano Pancakes? The possibilities are endless, y mamá will be tan chiquiada!  


La Monarca Bakery Champurrado Chocolate Mexicano Molinillo

5. Molinillo

The molinillos are only offered with a tin of Chocolate Mexicano or Champurrado but it's included separately because if you want the full, 100% Mexican experience, you gotta get the molinillo! What's a cup of Chocolate Mexicano without that signature froth. Mocteuzoma wouldn't drink hot chocolate without the froth, neither should mom on Mother's Day! 


Y ya, the perfect Día de las Madres!

Of course, how you choose to chiquear your mom on Mother's Day is up to you! Mexican-Americans get two Mother's Days to choose from, so when Mexican Mother's Day comes around and you're looking for something creative to spoil yourself or mamá, we got you covered. Everything is available online or for pickup!